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The Big Smile UK Consett Steel and Swords

49. Consett Steel and Swords

Date: 26/08/2021

Meeting Point: Café at the Inn, Allensford Park, Consett, DH8 9BA

Our journey through the Derwent Valley begins at Allensford picnic area and then up through leafy woodland towards the impressive Hownsgill viaduct - one of the most impressive railway structures in North-East England, towering 46 metres above the tree canopy - before picking up the Waskerley Way to Rowley.

Dropping down into Comb Bridges, we’re surrounded by some beautiful woodland, before we cross the River Derwent and rise up to Crooked Oak. This is a truly stunning part of the valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty, and home to a wide variety of wildlife.

We head to Wallish Walls, before circling back towards Allensford through meadows and woodland, following the river to the start. A very scenic stage with scattered reminders of the area’s rich industrial heritage

Distance:  20.9 km (12.99 miles)

Difficulty Rating: ★★★☆☆


Sponsored By:  The Genesis Project

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