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Esh Winning and Waterhouses

Starting at the entrance to the railway path on Station Road, this walk follows the Deerness Valley Railway Path down to Waterhouses. After crossing the River Deerness, we enter Little Brier Wood. The route then follows the bridlepath up through Standalone Woods, eventually reaching the top of Rabbit Hill. We'll traverse over the top of the hill, passing a pond on our left. We'll cross a style and walk down a farm track, and through a working farm. Please keep any dogs on a lead at this point for safety. The route then descends through Long Hill Wood until we reach the railway path again, which will take us back to the starting position. Although this is one of the shorter walks in the collection, it's still a beautiful and enjoyable experience that won't disappoint.

Distance:  5.33 km (3.3 miles)

Difficulty Rating: ★★★☆☆

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