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Consett Steel and Swords

The Consett Heritage 100 walk begins and ends at Blackhill and Consett Park, gifted to the town by the Consett Iron Company in 1891. From the park, we turn left onto Laburnum Street, passing by the stunning Church of St Aiden, built in 1885. We briefly join the Derwent Walk Railway Path, which utilizes repurposed mineral lines to showcase the area's industrial and social history.
At Fawcett Park, we can admire a sculpture and learn more about Consett's heritage before continuing on the path through fields and woodland. Along the way, we pass Lydgett's Junction and follow the Waskerley Way Railway Path, which offers picturesque views of a stone bridge from the 1830s. We can take a break at the Hownsgill tearoom before continuing through Hown's Woods, admiring oak, ash, and beech trees alongside wildflowers.
We can spot the Hownsgill Caves and the impressive Hownsgill Viaduct, a Victorian engineering feat with twelve elegant arches. Passing through meadows and woodland, we cross Consett Road and explore Deneburn Woods, where we can find tree arches. We then descend into Allensford Wood and Local Nature Reserve, following the River Derwent and passing a viewing platform for birdwatching or relaxation.
After reaching some out buildings, we embark on a short, challenging ascent, leading us to Allensford Park car park. From here, a steady gradient leads us back up the hill to rejoin the Derwent Walk Railway Path at Fawcett Park. The route then returns to Blackhill and Consett Park, completing the walk.

Distance:  9.4 km (6.1 miles)

Difficulty Rating: ★★★★

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