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Ushaw Moor to Deerness 

The route starts just outside the village of Ushaw Moor, near the former Ushaw Moor station on the Deerness Valley Way Railway Path. It was once a part of the famous Stockton and Darlington Railway that connected the coalfields' collieries. Today, the route makes perfect use of the repurposed railway lines, which once provided essential transport links to the village. The path takes us through open grasslands at Flass Hall, a 16th-century farmhouse, before crossing the river and entering Rag Path Woods. This large ancient woodland has a mix of deciduous native trees such as beech and sycamore, and coniferous trees like Scots pine and Norway Spruce, planted in 1967 after felling from World War II. The woodland route follows a moderate incline, leading us onto the moors, where we can enjoy exhilarating views across County Durham. From here, we can spot birds of prey like kestrels and hawks or take a short break on the bench under the characterful Hawthorne tree while admiring the picturesque scenery.


The route then descends into Holburn woods. Be sure to stop at the gate, glance back up, and allow nature to frame the perfect picture. The path follows the meandering River Deerness back along the Railway path, where we can experience the calming feeling provided by deciduous woodlands creating an enchanting canopy to walk under. We then veer off to the left, following a woodland trail filled with rich ground flora such as dogs mercury, wild garlic, and stitchwort before exiting the wood and returning to the start of the walk.

Distance:  9.2 km (5.75 miles)

Difficulty Rating: ★★★☆☆

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