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Beginning in the quaint village of Shadforth; outside the brightly coloured, and quirky Farmers Arms, the walk leads you through the heart of the village and out into the open countryside where views of open pastures roll across the valley to the South and North of the county. Across to the other side in the distance chalk hills are visible in neighbouring Sherburn Hill, after wandering past the abandoned quarry and through the valley you will arrive at the foot of the magnesian limestone chalk hills, an area of special scientific interest. The next part of the journey takes you into grasslands teaming with wildlife. Slow down, absorb the silence and see if you can spot an endangered water vole in the Shadforth Beck.


*Please be mindful of local residents when parking in the village. We have been advised that the most appropriate place to park is around, but not on the village green.

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Distance:  5.4 km (3.35 miles)

Difficulty Rating: ★★★☆☆

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