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Waldridge Fell

The Waldridge Fell route showcases the natural beauty of County Durham, offering stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, serene broadleaf woodlands, and rare lowland heath adorned with vibrant purple heather, creating a unique habitat for exceptional insects, plants, reptiles, and birds. As you explore this ecologically significant area, please observe the countryside code: stick to marked paths, control your dogs, and leave nothing behind but your footprints to protect this precious habitat.

Start your journey at the Hylton Street Car Park, near the Heritage 100 marker post, follow the path around Wanister Hill, featuring extensive lowland heath with heather, bilberry, and moorland grasses. This area provides opportunities to admire breathtaking views; on a clear day, you might even spot Penshaw Monument, an ancient Greek-style temple in the distant hills.

Subsequently, entering Scrogs Wood on Nettlesworth Hill, a broadleaf woodland. The path briefly descends alongside a stream, then ascends a short but steep hill on the other side. Once out of the wooded area, walk through the open grasslands of Daisy Hill Local Nature Reserve before entering Waldridge Wood, a thriving broadleaf woodland teeming with wildlife. In the woodland, you'll notice remnants of past mining activities, from old brick structures to wagonway routes.

Returning to Waldridge Fell, you can revel in its breathtaking panoramic views. The path winds around the fell, offering a spectacle of colours with purple heather, yellow gorse, and other wildflowers, creating an ideal habitat for rare butterflies like the Green Hairstreak and moths such as the very rare Red Tipped Clearwing.

Finally, the route leads you back to the starting point through North Fell and Ellen Street car parks, marking the completion of a walk from the Heritage 100 collection. Check it off your list and explore the other remarkable heritage walks within this collection.

Distance:  5.98 km (3.72 miles)

Difficulty Rating: ★★★☆☆

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