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 Frequently Asked 


  • How do I navigate the route?
    All of our walks begin and end at the oak marker post. We have placed directional discs along the route to help you keep on track. We recommend combining the waymarkers with either the Komoot or the downloadable PDF map and directions.
  • How do I use Komoot?
    Komoot provides several options to navigate the route. First download the app, sign-up, and then from the Heritage 100 website download the route to your device. The route can be navigated using your location icon to follow the plotted route within the app (Our preferred method). Komoot also allows you to navigate the route using voice guidance by simply pressing the navigate route button (this can consume battery quickly).
  • Will I encounter Livestock on your walks?
    Yes, but only on some walks. We use Public Rights of Way when creating the walks, some of which pass through private land. Occasionally, farmers use this land for livestock. Where possible we keep this to a minimum and we will display a warning message on that walks page. Further guidance on how to walk through fields containing livestock can be found here 👉
  • Do I need to wait for an organised walk?
    No. Our walks are available for anyone to self navigate the route.


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